Driver Gets Away from Two Carjackers... Then Goes Back to Run Them Over

Okay, so we don't really have any context for this video beyond the video itself. But we DO know that it's some insane instant revenge. TMZ posted this video yesterday of two guys on a scooter trying to CARJACK someone as they pull out of a driveway in Morelia, Mexico on Friday. They point a gun, but the driver manages to speed off.

That's not the end, though. Because while the carjackers are getting back onto their scooter, the driver kicks his car in reverse... and RUNS THEM OVER. It's a wild looking crash, but the guys both managed to survive because they get up and start running down the street.

I mean... I kinda applaud the driver for taking the matter in to their own hands. Plus, some skillful driving right there! I would like to say that these carjackers won't do it anymore... but we all know they were probably right back at it a few hours later.

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