Mark and Chris Swag NOW AVAILABLE! *Low Cost Shipping*

You've been asking for it... and now it's finally here. Mark and Chris Podcast merchandise is now available for purchase through

Just in time for Christmas, you can now get that special someone in your life a pair of Mark and Chris underwear... or a Mark and Chris Hoodie... T-Shirts.... Coffee Mugs.... Phone Cases.... and much more!

We accept PayPal as well as Card Payments online, through our secure network. It's all set up through a 100% verified system, so we never see your personal information and your information is never stored in our data base.

Oh, and we also made a FLAT RATE for shipping! Because we all hate shipping costs... am I right!?

Help support your favorite unemployed DJ's, and keep our Podcast alive by making a purchase today.

*Proceeds to support Mark's coffee fund and Chris' Marijuana addiction*

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