People Slipping on Ice Videos

I feel for all the people in Texas right now, that are struggling through these tough times. I love the state of Texas... especially Austin. I truly think it's one of, if not THE greatest city in the USA.

But, two great things have come out of these difficult times. One, are the Ted Cruz memes. GOLD! Two... these amazing videos of people slipping on the ice. I absolutely LOVE watching people fall down. I'm the king of falling down... and I hope that others find joy in watching me every week when I bail HARD. Fortunately, it seems like people in Texas can laugh at themselves, otherwise they wouldn't post these videos to begin with.

And the falls just keep on coming!

This one is my absolute fav though! Wait for it....

Oh man.... SOOOO good. Karma will get me again soon, don't worry.

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