The Former Head of Israel's Space Program Claims "Aliens Have Already Visited Us"

I'm not sure why this hasn't been a bigger story... but it's probably for the same reason that no one was talking about the Pentagon releasing those UFO videos earlier this year.

We spoke about this on the Mark and Chris Podcast earlier this week...

The former head of Israel's space program claimed that aliens exist and we've already made contact. He said it's being kept secret, because "humanity is not ready yet." He also claimed they have an underground base on Mars that astronauts have already been to. And that President Trump wanted to reveal it all, but didn't want to create mass hysteria.

So... do we believe this? I'm not sure. I DO believe that aliens are out there... and I even think they have made their way to Earth, and possibly live among us. But living in an underground base on Mars? Not sure about that. Still though, this dude was the former head of Israel's space program... so why lie about it?

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