The Mark and Chris Podcast RETURNS!

Yep... you read correctly. Mark and Chris are BACK! After months of being on hiatus, the former 89X Morning Show Hosts have returned to bring you all the laughs and entertainment that you crave.

Okay, enough of that bullshit. For real though, we are back. So much has happened since Mark got a gig in Winnipeg, and the Podcast was put on hiatus. The world is totally fucked up, and we couldn't just sit back and watch it burn. Mark is back in Windsor... Chris got a new job... and we have lots of opinions on the current state of the world. This won't be a daily thing like before, but we will try to publish a new at least once or twice a week for your enjoyment.

Check out the return of the Mark and Chris Podcast NOW, and make sure to SUBSCRIBE on your Podcast and Steaming apps.

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