This Guy Tried to Rob a Bank While Test Driving a Car

I mean... they DO say when you test drive a car, you should see how it would work for the things you like to do day-to-day. There's a 50-year-old guy named Eric Warren from Wolfforth, Texas. And back in the summer of 2019, he went to a car dealership to test drive a BMW.

They let him try it out solo. So he test drove the BMW to a bank . . . and ROBBED the place. He pulled out something that looked like a gun, demanded $10,000, and then took off. And he headed straight back to the dealership . . . to use his new cash to buy the car.

But while he was doing the paperwork, the cops called the dealership to let them know one of their cars was at the scene of a bank robbery that just went down. The staff connected the dots and kept Eric there until the cops showed up


He was in court this week and pleaded guilty to bank robbery. Oh, and he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Hope it was worth it dude.

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