VIDEO: Fake Lawyer Karen Gets Arrested

Wow... we haven't had a good Karen video in a while. I was starting to wonder if all the Karen's had gotten together, and made a pact to stay out of the public view for a while. Or, maybe they just took an extended winter break. Whatever the case, I can happily say that at least one Karen is back.... in full force!

It all started when this Karen didn't want to a wear a mask in to a business... and then refused to leave when asked. She then went on to claim that she's a lawyer. HAHA RIGHT, I'm sure she is!

Oh, but it doesn't end there. Oh no... this fashion failing Karen then continued to argue with the police.

Yep... there's more. And I LOVE IT! Karen then continues to resist arrest, and her idiot friend almost gets herself arrested as well.

Listen wannabe Carole Baskin.... if you don't like the rules, then go somewhere else. Stop pretending to be a lawyer, and put on a damn mask. These cops were WAY nicer and more patient than I would have been. Oh, and please.... someone take this woman shopping!

Shoutout to for always supplying amazing Karen videos

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