"Wheel of Fortune" Contestant Got Robbed on a Technicality, and Fans Are Sick of It

"Wheel of Fortune" fans are angry this week after another contestant got burned by a technicality on a rule they don't like. So should they change it, or is this fair?

On Wednesday, a guy named David Pederson solved a puzzle and knew all the words, but added an extra one. The category was "Catch of the Day," and it was one of the crossword-style puzzles, which is usually just a list of words.

The answer was "Sole, Flounder, Cod, Catfish." And he got it wrong, because he said "Sole, Flounder, Cod, AND Catfish." That's a natural thing to do when you're verbalizing a list, but inserting ANY words makes it an incorrect response.

Pat Sajak saw it coming and tried to warn him by saying "don't add anything." But he did it anyway. Then the next player said the same words without adding "and." And she got it right. But even she didn't understand why at first.

If you watch the show, they've been peppering in these crossword-style puzzles since 2016 . . . and this "and" situation has come up before, which is why Pat warned the guy. What do you think fair or foul?

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